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French Air Force traditions

The French Air Force was born by the signature from a decree on April 1, 1933. Its organization was defined by the law of July 2, 1934 but its history begins with those of all the military flights created since 1912.
After 1920, for the tradition, cohesion and to honour the veterans, the custom was to give the traditions of the Great War flight to each new flight created.
To perpetuate the flight traditions signifies to inherit the flight heritage and after to enrich it by her own feats of arms. The flight traditions are characterized by its name, its badge, its campaigns, its air victories, its aces, its sacrifices, its decorations, its quotations... etc.
It is as that which our vertical empennage of Mirage 2000 are decorated today by the same badges painted on the sides of Spad VII of the First World War.

This site enables you to restore the traditions of all the French Air Force units (escadrilles, groups, squadrons, regiments, Wings) since 1912 until today throughout the perpetual evolutions of the French Air Forces structures. The visit of these units (names, geographic places, equipments, dates) is done by using the blue menus proposed on the left side of screen and also the traditional functionalities of the navigator Microsoft Internet (without forgetting the button ).
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